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The Road Ahead - Where Next?

Travel Writing Workshops

So, you've attended a Travel Writing Workshop, had your first articles published or begun the first chapter of your book. Where next?

Travel Writing Masterclass
We run Travel Writing Masterclasses, for those who have already attended a Workshop or have some experience of travel writing.

The Masterclasses are even smaller in size than the Workshops. At the Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with both Rory Maclean and Dea Birkett. It is a day dedicated to fine-tuning your travel writing - a day many have promised themselves.

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New Journeys by Travel Writing Workshop Participants

  • Bloomsbury Travel Writing Masterclass graduate Gemma Thompson is compiling a book about women travelling alone and is looking for contributors. "I've been backpacking alone twice, and at the time couldn't really find any travel book which had been written by a girl on her own," she says. "My book will be a 'Girls guide to travelling alone' and will have stories from girl travellers who had experienced all manner of unexpected ups and downs whilst travelling. A light-hearted, humorous on-the-road companion for single female travellers. For example, one of mine might be about the time I was stranded in Guatemala City without any possessions and ended up being serenaded by a taxi driver singing Phil Collins..."

    If you'd like your story to be included, just get in touch with Gemma through Twitter - @girlsthattravel

    "I wish I'd had something like this book with me whilst I was away on my own. I think any woman of any age will enjoy the read and companionship," she says.

  • Brendan Harding To discover where Dublin Workshop participant Brendan Harding has just been or is just about to go, visit his blog.
  • Ruth Bowen

    Workshop participant Ruth Bowen is travelling the world's coldest places. She's currently in search of Mount Smythe, Canada, in her grandfather's footsteps. See her blog here.
  • Theodora
    Theodora and Zac fresh from tobogganing the red sand dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

    Bloomsbury Travel Writing Workshop participant Theodora Sutcliffe is going on a round the world tour with her son Zac. Follow her adventure here.
  • Simon Hare
    Simon in Cambodia
    Simon writes, "I've done Cook Islands for Country Life, Horse Whispering in New Zealand for Horse Magazine, lots of online things and my favourite so far, 1800 words on The Daintree Rainforest for Australia and New Zealand magazine. I am currently living and working in Cambodia and keeping very busy editing a charity website. Thanks for helping to set me on the road." More news on Simon at www.simonjhare.co.uk
    Simon's blog
  • Emma Jones Emma Jones, 29, is currently enjoying backpacking solo around South America, from Colombia to Argentina. Formerly a primary school teacher for five years, she hopes now to spend more of her life roaming free and less of it telling children that they can't. Visit her website and her blog.
  • Hotevilla ITV Travel Writing Workshop participant Jeff Sutherland has renovated a Cortijo in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, turning it into a serviced villa.
  • Neil with Great Uncle Bulgaria, Orinoco and Bungo Masterclass participant Neil Matthews is completing his book about the Wombles and making a trip to Japan. A literary agent has expressed a strong interest. Follow Neil's journey.
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